Have you ever attended a function that appeared lifeless, lacked humour and enthusiasm? The M.C. or compere didn't know their responsibilities and thought they were the "main event".

Many important and expensive events are spoiled by the selection of an amateur M.C. or compere. This is usually to save money but can result in embarrassment, not only to the compere but to the function organiser. You can't afford to let this happen.

An professional M.C. ensures the successful conduct of a dinner, conference or meeting and keeps the audience happy and on track.
Brendan Walsh is an expert in this field and with his infectious humour, enthusiasm and style, will ensure that at your function he:

  • Adheres to time
  • Keeps the audience happy
  • Is on hand for any crisis
  • Is ready for any "ad lib" announcements
  • Is prepared to make any important decisions
  • Injects humour and keeps it "alive"
  • Links the events in a seamless and enthusiastic fashion
  • Attends to details like ensuring that microphones are at the correct height for your speaking guests

and all the other duties, that go to make your event the success you had planned. Whether it is an evening, lunchtime, three day event or conference, Brendan Walsh will ensure its success, from the first briefing, through to the final applause.

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